Prior planning and further reflection

Following the guiding principle „prior planning is as crucial as further reflection“ means that all our legal services are oriented towards the goals of our clients. Their success needs to have a solid legal foundation. Legal advice and decisions are always success-oriented processes at the advantage of our clients.

Providing legal advice means being present for the client. We evaluate all experiences, observations, or trends that might be relevant to our clients and provide them as a service.

The philosophy behind our legal advice

First and foremost, the handling of a company’s legal matters has to be oriented towards the company’s goals and needs to promote their being accomplished. Therefore, legal advice can never be merely theoretical or follow the notion of a “Pure Theory of the Law“. The answer to a legal question has to serve as a tool to enhance entrepreneurial decision-making. On the part of consultants, successful legal advice thus requires sound knowledge of the client’s economic, commercial, technical, and legal environment. Contracts are strategic tools. They are based on technical, economic, organizational, as well as legal processes, which are often interdependent. In this complex setting, the legal professional has to act as moderator. The foundation of legal advice is constant dialog.